Heinrich Jasper, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA
Heinrich Jasper

Heinrich Jasper, Ph.D., is Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging (Novato, CA). He obtained his PhD in 2002 from the University of Heidelberg and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Germany, after which he assumed a faculty position at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY). He was appointed Professor at the Buck Institute in April 2012. Dr. Jasper’s studies focus on interactions between stress and insulin signaling, and on the role of stem cell function in health- and lifespan of Drosophila. He was named Senior Fellow of the Ellison Medical Foundation in 2008 and received a Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging in 2010. His work was and is funded by the American Federation for Aging Research, National Institute of Aging, National Eye Institute, New York Stem Cell Initiative, and the Ellison Medical Foundation.

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